I have read this statement AT LEAST fifty times in the last week.

“The police killed a law abiding African American man in our city and white people all over the country said nothing!”

Well, for the record, ‘white people’ said a lot of things. I am going to share some of those things here. FIRST however I am going to ask you why you keep calling me ‘white people’ when you don’t want to be called ‘black people’. I am not ‘white people’ no more than any race is a ‘color people’. Consider that. Please.

Here are some of the things ‘white people’ I know have said about the latest shooting of an unarmed African American man.

“Why does that city continue to allow this stuff go on? Why haven’t they voted these people out of office and put policy in place to protect minorities?”

“If that was going on in my area of the world, we would be voting to change police policy immediately!”

“Do the African American people in that city that keep calling us out think we should drop all of the problems we are fighting in our towns and cities to solve their problems? It is their city, their tax dollars, and their own problems to solve. When was the last time I asked them to come MY city or town and solve my problems? We have a big issue with people stealing things locally and nobody can seem to catch the people doing it. Could you come on over here and put an end to that for us. Do you mind if I call you a racist for not caring or commenting or putting your two cents in on my problem?”

“Just because it was not in my news does not mean I do not care about it. Just because you do not hear my disapproval all the way across the country does not mean I do not care.”

“Why do they keep calling us ‘white people’ as if we are the devil? I was at work busting my ass to support my family when that happened. Does the guy who wrote that story think I was just ignoring the injustice that happened to that man and I dont care? I do care. I just fail to understand how I can change this for him. This is his city. Why is he allowing this go on? Does he not understand how government works in his city?”

“Well, let me just get out gun and go shoot the guy for you then. Would that be the response you need to know I care? Or maybe I could come your part of the world and try to vote for you to change a policy that has nothing to do with me even though I am not even legally allowed to do that.”

“When was the last time that community invited the NRA to speak in their community? They claim it is a racist group because they did not say anything about a African American man shot dead but truthfully they speak on people who are part of their organization. Was this man a part of this organization? No. He was not. That is why the NRA said nothing. No other reason but you can call it racism if you want. You are entitled to the same freedom of speech I am.”

“WTF exactly am I supposed to do to help people half way across the country that are not doing anything to change what is happening in their part of the world? Tell me exactly what the appropriate response is so that next time, I don’t get called an uncaring, bigoted ‘white people.’”

The response seems to be the same from everyone I know. We, the horrible devil aka ‘white people’ would like to know why it is our job to make your city better? You have the power to control your city, your town, your neighborhood in your vote. WHY are you looking at us and calling us the bad guy simply because we cant solve your problems in your city?

PEOPLE of all races live everywhere in this country. I know MANY African American people who also feel powerless to help the people in these cities and writing these articles. If you think it is my job to solve your problems I will assure you that it is not. I have problems. We all have problems. None of them are easy to solve. THAT is why we did not rush out to Baltimore yesterday and we wont be in NYC tomorrow. It is not that we do not care but priorities are important and my priority is to MY FAMILY. I am sad that Baltimore has this issue. I am sad to see racism in my country. I wish the places with these problems would deal with them once and for all so that people would STOP calling me ‘white people’.