Arrange to Enjoy an Event Instead of Organizing One

Every family, circle of friends, or workplace has that one or two people who can be counted on to organize events. Whether it is a reunion, wedding, retirement party, or staff appreciation luncheon planning is left to the same people all the time. While some people love to plan events, not everyone enjoys the challenge or the hassle even if they are excellent at the task.

Planners traditionally do not have the tome to actually enjoy the event they organize. They are too busy checking and double checking every detail throughout the event, doing the cooking, or making sure everyone is having a great time. The event becomes a time-consuming and exhausting venture that is a total blur.

Enough Already!

Give yourself a break the next time and leave the planning to someone else. Depending on the wedding and event venue selected, a planner will not incur any extra cost. A wedding venue that provides space and catering, for example, will usually have planners on staff to handle every last detail. One appointment to meet with the certified planner is all it takes to plan an event or wedding.

Discuss the date of the event, how many guests will be attending, and meal style and food choices. The only other thing left to do is show up and enjoy yourself. There will be no pressure or anxiety involved, set up and cleaning will be done by venue staff, and many places even have valet parking. Imagine sitting at a table, speaking to friends and family, and dancing the night away.

Future Events

Participating in an event at an experienced venue will become a habit for future events as well as the current one. Multiple banquet spaces to accommodate small, medium, and large events means the venue will be perfect for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, bar Mitzvahs, annual Board meetings, and trade shows. When all goes well and the food is excellent, planners can consider that place to be the go to spot for a variety of occasions.


Ask about special promotions offered to save more time and money. Many venues offer discounts for events that happen during the week. Weekends book up fast, but weekdays are often slow with few to zero bookings on some days. In order to attract customers for those days, offers and extras are available.

It may be possible to get full bar service added to a minimal wedding package free of charge. A Sweet Sixteen party held on a Tuesday evening will be cheaper than one held on Saturday because dessert items are included in a lesser buffet package. To learn about specials, spaces, and catering see for full details.

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