Building & Configuring Interfaces in XCode and Stripe Atlas Could Be A Game Changer

Journal Entry #004

Quick update on the iOS progress - have figured out the placement of objects in the XIB file and moved onto creating and configuring view objects such as buttons and labels.

From what I can gather, it seems like XIB files get converted to to NIB (which is a compressed version) for parsing purposes.

I actually wanted to talk about Stripe’s new Atlas program. I stumbled upon this when I was looking at Squarespace’s pricing model because I was interested in streamlining the app business at a fixed cost. I was looking at their commerce transaction price (3% fees)- Stripe is their payment processor. I was looking at Stripe’s product offerings and there it was.

Why am I interested in Stripe’s Atlas?

Altas is a new program that offers entrepreneurs an easy way to incorporate their new startup business. It’s still very new and it’s an invite only program. I highly encourage you to read through the FAQ for more info.

It’s highly appealing to me as a solo entrepreneur because having the paperwork being taken care of by a third party would make it much easier to bring on outside investors and new hires down the line.

The biggest upside is that it’s a flat rate $500. That’s huge. There’s additional costs but most of it is waived for the first year or two.

This means I can get all the documentation done all in one place. That’s amazing- game changer right there! This is definitely something I’ll consider doing once I get my app prototype off the ground.

Have you guys tried out this Atlas program? Leave a comment below- would love to hear your thoughts!