Billion App User Guide

Billion App is designed to become the most convenient app for cryptocurrency daily use.

Now our users can store their coins in a secure SPV wallet where they can also easily interact with each other using to the unique iOS implementation of Reusable Payment Codes (BIP47). Such wallet is the core element in decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem, with other services to be built on top of it.

Here are some tips to enjoy all the current features of Billion:

1. Assign avatar and alias to your Public Payment Code

Billion Card Example
  • Press Balance bar on the main screen while wallet is unlocked
  • Assign avatar by pressing square next to QR-code
  • Assign alias by pressing inside a text-field located below the Billion Card

2. Experience Reusable Payment Codes functionality — interact with contacts

Air Connectivity
  • Air Connectivity. Exchange contact information while in close proximity with other Billion users. Press the ‘contacts’ icon on the main screen and press ‘Add contact’ button to launch Air Connectivity mode
  • Add another Billion users to your ‘Contacts’ by importing the Payment Code screenshot from the Gallery or with QR-scanner
  • Send coins to Payment Codes directly without adding a contact. Press scan on a Send screen and scan a Payment Code

Notice that Payment Codes require a one-time on-chain notification transaction. During the first transaction to a contact the Bitcoin network fee is implied. This notification transaction is displayed on the main screen as grey bubble. All subsequent transactions to this contact will proceed as usual Bitcoin transactions.

3. Receive bitcoins

Push-notification on the locked iPhone
  • Press the ‘Receive’ button on the main screen to display your one-time Bitcoin address
  • Send a payment request to a contact you choose — they will receive a push-notification and will be able to confirm it in the app
  • You can also receive coins by copying your one-time Bitcoin address. Press the QR-code on the ‘Receive’ screen, enter the amount, then press an arrow facing downwards to send your address/request via external channels (email, iMessage and other)

4. Send bitcoins

Send Screen
  • Press the ‘Send’ button on the main screen to initiate a transaction
  • Start a QR-code scanner or paste an address/request from your clipboard
  • Try sending to a contact. Each time you initiate a transaction to your contact a new one-time Bitcoin address is generated that is only known to you and your contact. No address reuse occurs and no one from the outside — including Billion — knows these addresses. You privacy is protected.

5. Transaction history on the main screen

Main screen

After making a few transactions you will see them presented as green and red message-like bubbles on Billion’s main screen. Green bubbles are for incoming transactions and red bubbles for outgoing transactions. There are also grey bubbles which are for payment requests and network fees for establishing private connection.

  • Use 3D touch to view the transaction details. Notice that denomination inside Billion — Bitcoin Wallet is ‘satoshi’ (㋛). 1 bitcoin = 100 million satoshis
  • Scroll down to view your transaction history

6. In-app settings and side-screens

Billion App users can choose local currency to be displayed, manage Face ID/Touch ID, passcode and recovery phrase. Press gear-like button on the main screen to open settings.

There are also left and right side-screens in Billion App. The left one shows current buy/sell rates for Bitcoin on a number of exchanges and OTCs. The right one displays some businesses and projects that accept Bitcoin as payment. Both of them to be improved and updated.

With Billion a secure and privacy-aware Bitcoin wallet user experience becomes much more similar to the one we have with mobile banking — everyone can store and send their coins, make payment requests, explore their transaction history and soon will be able to exchange money and learn about best merchants accepting Bitcoin.

We encourage everyone to use Bitcoin for daily payments and will add more cryptocurrencies soon.

Join our Telegram chat and drop us some feedback.

We have both Main-net and Test-net applications available on the AppStore. Share it with friends and partners and enjoy using digital currency in a new smart way.