I just want to escape from reality.

Who never thought about escaping from reality? I think every single person in this earth once thought about escaping. It’s either you drunk yourself up, go travel, read fictional books, watch movies or anything, just to help you from the reality.

But why do you want to escape?

I’ve been asked this a million times. Why do i really want to escape from reality? Why don’t you just stick with it and be happy?

And i asked myself “yes, why not?”

But reality is so hard, so cruel, reality is a roller coaster ride that sometimes you’ll feel excited about it or maybe afraid, nervous or worst hurt.

Reality is so crucial. The reality of being an adult, the reality of having a responsibility, the reality that once you made a decision you cannot undone it. Life is so hard with all those reality that comes your way. But what you can do? It’s reality, no one can stop that from happening . no one can just laugh about it.

Reality is simply a reality that you need to face. Because if not, you’ll be devoured by it. You will not enjoy it. You will not feel excited about it.

So be happy, enjoy every little thing that’s been happening . don’t dwell to the darkness that been nudging you to do bad. Be an example, be an inspiration. And if you want to escape again from reality? Think again. You can escape for a minute, an hour, a day but you cannot escape from it for a long period of time.

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