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You wrongly write:

“To comfort me by telling me Christ died for those sins too quickly, although true, does not help me in my guilt that I proverbially keep returning to my vomit like a dog.”

This is so wrong, because nobody but Christ can take away the guilt of sin. You cannot do it, your good works can never take away guilt, ever. Even if you are a christian, all your works condemn you, If Christ alone cannot take away guilt, then there is no hope. I can understand a lot of folks have not trusted in the sole sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice to atone for sin, and those folks, you are correct will feel the guilt of sin. Nonetheless to search for the removal of the guilt of sin elsewhere is a futile search, people that still feel the guilt of sin need to hear the gospel again and again, specially Romans 3, 4, and 5 and the book of Galatians. Also the Defense of the Augsburg confession on justification and good works. Peace with God does not lie in looking at ourselves, because we are all guilty if we do, but looking at the atoning blood of Jesus that has paid in full for our sin. We cannot stop sinning as non christians and we cannot stop sinning as christians. Only when we realize this, can we fully trust in a Saviour, until then we will keep trying to save ourselves by doing better, trying harder etc. Also as Paul states, the power of sin is the law 1 Corinthians 15:56, it is only when we realize that we cannot please God by obeying the Law neither can we displease him when we disobey the Law, then and only then we are free in Christ. Otherwise we are still slaves to the law.

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