I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

I respect what you are saying and your project is powerful. But isn’t it a bit disingenuous to post a picture of a man’s penis on Facebook and assert that the predictable result of your account being frozen for 24 hours is misogynistic oppression? You had to know before you posted a photo of a man’s penis that Facebook tries to curb nudity as the simplest way to curb the inevitable torrent of pornographic images that would flood Facebook if they did not. It can’t have been a surprise. You knew it was going to happen and why it was going to happen. Do you demand Facebook hire an army of reviewers to debate each and every nude photo to determine if it is purely salacious or has some larger point? I think that would be unreasonable. Or should all nude images automatically be accepted? Then is an ocean of Facebook porn okay with everyone? There are sites for porn and that’s fine, but must it be everywhere? That said, I’m glad they got your message and undid the freeze and reposted the photo as it tells an important story.