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This is one of thousands of business growth articles dropping on New Years Day — and it will be the one that helps you the most.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax for a few seconds.

Answer this question honestly — what do you want less of in 2018? Where do you need to think reduction — rather than about “more choices”.

Over the weekend one of my clients answered “less hours at work”. Less hours at the office gives him more time to think creatively about the business. He has strong managers, they can take the load.

We are working on getting him down to working 3 hours per day at the office. Yeah — he’s prioritizing like a MF.

He’s also quaking in fear — it goes against every micro-managing impulse he has. And this is what his business really needs. He’s a bit giddy at the possibilities.

Another client wants less stress about lack of revenue predictability. We are revamping their CRM, marketing, and sales processes. The improved data will allow targeted follow-up, improved client relations and more recurring revenue. This leads to revenue predictability and reduced stress 😃

Take a sec, think about the initial question — what do you want less of in 2018? What do you want more of??

Now how do we make it happen?

Feel free to ping me if you want some ideas on execution — happy to help 😃

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