Considering Brexit
Jordan Greenhall

Okay. I can guess by “tools of the 20th century” you mean Central banks, printing presses, and the ability to fool the masses into being fleeced and to fool the masses into supporting big wars. I certainly hope those tools will be ineffective this century. So far these sixteen years of the 21st century have shown a continuation of empires. Since 1990 it’s been the American empire (see Ron Paul’s “Green Light for American Empire”). So far most Americans accept the lies of government, DESPITE no WMDs found in Iraq. DESPITE there were no suicide bombers in Iraq before the West nabbed Saddam. And Al Quaeda was manufactured starting under Carter ( as a way to fight Russia. In essence the U.S. government keeps creating bigger menaces to American liberty and then points to them as reasons for having big government. The only good direction is to take power away from large governing organizations. This is literally what Brexit does. It takes power away from the EU. My friend skeptically says it’s like the U.S. getting out of the United Nations, but I still say it’s a good start, and what’s not to like? Take it into the end zone. I hope other European nations break out. Perhaps Texas has a chance to break out of the U.S.

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