I Became Muslim Sixteen Years Ago
Hilal Isler

No knowledgeable American connects Turkey with extremist terrorists. Turks and Christians have fought for centuries but the also have worked together for centuries. Greek Christians were the operational backbone of the Ottoman Empire, British support of Turkey has kept the Russian bear out of the Mediterranean for centuries. US troops in the Korean conflict admired Turkish soldiers ENORMOUSLY. We observers did not see Muslims attacking the Twin Towers, we saw fanatics willing to die for their faith. The ‘American’ response was directed at fanatics not Muslims. Note that the US caught and executed the fanatic who bombed the Oklahoma City Murrah Building, the Christian fanatic !

The US gets a little pissed off about Turkey’s treatment of Kurds but that is a whole different issue than world wide terrorism.

Sure there are Americans that cannot distinguish Turks from nutcase Whaabists but knowledgeable and official America do know the difference.

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