Helping Veterans Get into Tech Through Apprenticeships

Earlier this week I launched my latest project Greenhorn. Greenhorn helps match skill ready veterans with tech companies through apprenticeships.

Companies pay $150 a month or $1500 a year (50%) to use our service to find qualified veterans to fill entry level positions in software development, operations, sales and design.

Companies agree to pay apprentices $15 an hour for 40 hours in the first 90 days and if things workout, increase that to $25 on the 91st day.

In the future I can see developing an online apprenticeship program for each track for mid to large size companies to use when they bring apprentices on.

In Germany, all but the smallest companies have to accept apprentices. At the same time the companies have to develop and administer the apprenticeship. 75% of the apprenticeship is hands on but the other 25% is book related. At the end there is a test.

Veterans get to do meaningful work while earning while they learn. On the flip side companies get to try out talent before they buy.

I decided to launch Greenhorn after watching Ryan Carson of Treehouse on Jason Calacanis’s This Week In Startups.

Here is that 6 minute Segment.

I’m currently looking for veterans who are interested in working in the tech industry and can sign up here .

I’m also looking for specific tactical approaches to reach out to my current networks and email lists.

Of course I am currently looking for firms that would be open to having qualified veterans apprentice at your firm.

Keep in mind these apprenticeships are not internships. It’s not a bunch of volunteers/free labor for your startup. It’s a way for you to build a farm team that can grow/scale as funding or revenue come in the door. It’s folks who have real skills but are light on experience.

Veterans are qualified in operations, software development sales and design.

All the veterans will have experience and/or training ( military leadership schools, military occupation schools , coding schools etc) and will be skill/job ready. They may or may not have college degrees but definitely can perform the tasks of the job.

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