Launching The Next Economy Podcast

I am pleased to announce that I’m launching The Next Economy Podcast next week.

We aim to bring you the most interesting stories about the people, companies and trends that are shaping how we make a living in the Post Great Recession era.

Instead of having just one reliable 9–5 job, now more folks will be stitching together a living with multiply gigs.

We will be discussing how regular folks are overcoming forced part time employment, inconsistent income, irregular schedules and the disappearance of the government and corporate safety net.

It’s our goal to highlight how people taking back their work life by using their expertise to give themselves more choice, make deeper human connections, provide themselves work with meaning and so that have a reputation they can be proud have.

As of late, people are starting to leverage Platforms such as Uber and Kickstarter and become part of a Firm is that more Network then a Singular Entity.

You will probably be hearing more about the Networks and Platforms here at Next Economy that are in the Transportation, Logistics, Sharing Economy, Postal and Courier Services , Location Based Services and Mobile Commerce Spaces than any other just because that is what I have the most experience with.

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