My View on the Immigration Hubbub

I’ve been holding off on publicly commenting on the President’s Executive Order concerning immigration

So here is my thought.

People ( children too) who have come to the United States illegally should be deported after due process. While they are being held, they should be treated humanely with proper food, water, housing and communication afforded to them.

I also think our country gets too wrapped up in providing a path to citizenship and should instead focus on extending work visas. Different classes of worker get different terms or lengths of stay.

In addition a very clear process should be outlined on how those visas get renewed and by whom. The worker or the company? Does that change over time?

Part of the issue here is most companies in the US avoid visas like the plague and if we are honest American companies or individual citizens tend to look the other way when hiring undocumented ie illegal workers. Criminalizing the hiring of illegal immigrants with tough short term jail sentences, not fines, would go a long way to stop this behavior.

I have had a problem when the rules were changed suddenly and without warning and legal visa and green card holders are denied entry into the US.

I also had a problem with the treatment of the Iraqi interpreters coming here on a Special Immigration Visa. These folks have served our Government faithfully for a number of years at the risk of themselves or family members being murdered, tortured, raped or kidnapped for their assistance.

Interpreters have been already subjected to extreme vetting by the State Department, DoD and the Intelligence agencies. After this process their names are submitted to the Government of Iraq whose agencies do a review. At that time interpreters are very vulnerable to payback for their activities with us by ISIS/AQI and various religious/ ethnic based death squads and militias.

These interpreters have saved thousands of US intelligence and military members lives.

In short, the interpreters have done more to serve this country then about 98% of the citizens have.

Let’s give them the break they earned.

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