On 9/11, Let’s Make 2 Veterans Path to TechStars Easier

Today is September 11and anybody over 23 most likely remembers that day all to well.

The folks that went to fight the wars that event both directly and indirectly spawned are returning home to a difficult employment landscape.

Many vets have given up the job search and have launched their own business.

So many in fact that US Army veterans alone account for more startups than alumni of either PayPal, Stanford or Zynga on AngelList.

One such program that is helping inspire all these startups is TechStars Patriot Bootcamp.

It is a wonderful 3 day program that helps build a network, solidify a business idea, produce a pitch and gain feedback from successful mentors within TechStars network.

The unfortunate part about the program is you have to pay your own way. Hard to do if you have been unemployed for a while with a family to support. Crowdfunding helped me attend in 2013 but it does not work for everybody.

One such veteran is is Josh Carter. After leaving the Navy he attained a deep technical understand of hardware, the cloud, music and the internet first in San Francisco and now in Portland. Carter’s current startup is a marketing firm calledPlunk.

It’s the goal of my Teespring campaign to pay the way for Josh and 1 other veteran to attend the event to be held in Wisconsin September 26–28 2014.

Each veteran will need no less than $1000 for airfare, AirBnB stay, Lyft/Uber transportation, food etc.

Let’s help 2 well deserving vets get the knowledge they need to grow their business. In return you get an awesome Logo design by Xuan Yue located in Dallas printed on high quality American Apparel T-Shirts.