Striction BP Review: My Honest Review of this Supplement!

When someone has high blood pressure, there are a lot of different courses of action to consider. A person can change their diet, exercise more, or even perhaps try an all natural supplement, like Striction BP. Does it really work as advertised though?

How Striction BP Helps Out Entrepreneurs, Like Me

Entrepreneurs in a lot of ways can be some of the most stressed people. It is no surprise that they are diagnosed with high blood pressure quite frequently. Take myself for example as somebody who worked just a little bit too hard and then found themselves with a high blood pressure diagnosis. I did not really know what exactly to do at first, but I did a little bit of research online to see what others recommend. I was hoping for some quick changes, so I wanted to do everything I could to manage it properly. That’s what initially led me to Striction BP.

There was one Striction BP review after another online to read through (specifically I read this review on and this review on, but I was still adamant on doing some research on the product before putting it in my body. It ultimately sounded like something with zero risk, and a high chance for a reward, so I jumped in and haven’t looked back since.

Ingredients That Make Sense

Perhaps the biggest factor in me giving Striction BP a chance is that the ingredients in the supplement sounded safe. I was not about to put something weird in my body if I didn’t know and trust all the ingredients in the supplement. There are three ingredients that make up the product, and each ingredient serves a specific purpose.

Ceylon cinnamon is perhaps the most intriguing ingredient, and it helps reduce oxidative stress. This is a big factor in high blood pressure, so it is an important ingredient that really helps carry the supplement.

The magnesium in Stiction BP basically acts as an enhancer for the Ceylon cinnamon. The mineral is found naturally in a lot of different products, but in this supplement it just acts as a booster.

Finally, Vitamin B-6 makes sure that the body absorbs the magnesium quickly and efficiently. All three ingredients really work well together and make it an effective supplement without having to put in a bunch of stuff that really makes no sense. It is a relief to just read the back of the bottle and not need to look up half the ingredients online.

Purchasing Online

There was a time in my life where I preferred shopping at stores for supplements. Within the last few years though, they have turned into pretty pushy people, seemingly trying to sell certain products over others. Striction BP is only available online, so those employees at the local supplement shop can be completely avoided.

The official website for Striction BP is I felt like the price of the supplement was well worth the overall effect it had on my body. With the help of some of the other measures I took to lower my blood pressure, it is now down to a safe level. I will continue using Striction BP as I hope to maintain this healthy blood pressure level for quite some time.

I recommend giving it a try, simply because online, Striction BP offers a full refund if the customer is not satisfied. It is something to consider if on the fence about the supplement in general.

Final Thoughts

For me, Striction BP lived up to the hype. It was an easy supplement to take with safe ingredients. I felt like the supplement, combined with a good diet and exercise, really helped me control my blood pressure well. It was very affordable, and shipping was very fast as well. Anyone dealing with high blood pressure should give it a shot and see if it can work for them.