Andela Bootcamp: Day three

It’s day three of the Andela Bootcamp, and it’s beginning to get less stressful and more interesting. That is not to say I no longer feel the impact of the stress; my sleep-wake cycle has been totally thrown out of sync and I can barely keep track of time. There’s an explanation for the latter though; time seems to move faster when you are having fun (something Einstein said, I think).

I am starting to get used to the Git workflow. I am nowhere near an expert at using Git, but I am starting to get comfortable with the repeating cycles of creating branches, raising pull requests, merging upstream, and pulling updates from the repository. With every commit and push made, the exercise gets less daunting.

I am also working on the More-Recipes project (a project every aspiring Andelan is also working on), and I got to create my backend dependencies. A quick overview of the project; it’s an application to be built using Javascript (Nodejs, Express, React and Redux), that allows registered users to create recipes, rate a recipe and post a review. I got to setup the database using PostgreSQL, and I’m making use of Sequelize (an ORM for Node). Looking to setup my API routes for the application and test with Postman at the time of writing.

Day three is almost over, but my learning for the day isn’t. Every working code written spurs me to want to write even more codes. I guess the reward for hard work, sadly, is more hard work. There is no end in sight, and the bar can never be raised too high. Onward ever!