Andela Bootcamp: Week 2

Change is the only constant — Anonymous

It was a hectic, stressful, fun-filled week one in the Andela Bootcamp. Never have I had so much to do and learn in so little time. Git, NodeJS, Mocha and Chai and Sequelize are just a few tools I have had to get accustomed to in the past one week while working on a project. Thoughts of “dropping out” of the bootcamp and just taking a break from it all had crossed my mind. Those thoughts still come back once in a while.

On resumption at the site today, the population of aspiring Andelans had dropped nearly half. Emails had been sent out during the weekend congratulating some on making it to the second week and, unfortunately, dismissing others from continuing with the program. We were reshuffled into new groups, headed by a different LFA this time around. Change isn’t exactly my forte and with each passing day, Andela seems to test my limits.

The final week sees us writing more unit tests than ever before, integrating TravisCI for continuous integration and making sure the project is deployed on Heroku: things I have never done before. Might as well pack up and leave, right? Not a chance. At this point in the project, freaking out is not an option. Working through the hurdles and adjusting to the changes are things I cannot but do at this stage of the bootcamp.