My experience in the Bootcamp so far

Boot camp is awesome! So far, it’s really been amazing. The sleepless nights, the barrage of information required of us to understand, the “programmer’s block” we’ve had to deal with constantly. Yeah, you could feel the sarcasm oozing from the earlier appraisal of my experience in the boot camp so far. Damn! It’s been really tough.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of the boot camp so far. I have met some of the most interesting people ever, had bellyfuls of laughs every day since it began and eaten some of the meatiest chicken I’ve ever had. The food has got to be the second best thing in boot camp; right behind the people who make up the entire process. But encapsulating all of that fun and enjoyment is the most gruesome software development training I’ve ever participated in.

I stay in Ikotun, a suburb in Lagos and it’s a 2-hour drive every day from where I live to the site of boot camp. Lagos bus drivers aren’t particularly the sanest people you’d encounter, so daily exposure to them is not exactly something I look forward to doing every day. The real “fun” begins when I get on site and everyone is agitated about what they are to do for the day and yet to implement. It’s a rat race to try to finish up tasks for the day while at the same time managing to complete the project we are expected to work on. I’d usually just go around everyone’s desk to find out how far they have gone and how far ahead or behind I am compared to theirs. More often than not, everyone is as lost as I am as to what is expected of them and we just end up laughing away our stress.

Boot camp has been awesome! Sure, it’s been hellish most times and I even heard a fellow camper openly admit to defeat. After working tirelessly on his project, he said “Menh. I want to go home”. It was just 10 am. Dude left and did not return. I am still here, and at the end of boot camp, I hope to be amongst the select few who would make it into the fellowship.