If you are not parroting the political talking points exactly, the radical left will excoriate you…
Louis Weeks

From here on the left, I see the NY Times as a center-right paper. There are some left-wing web sites, like Alternet, but I don’t think there is any left wing MSM. That said, your argument about political correctness doesn’t address the substance of this article. You could post what you wrote anywhere, anytime and never have to think. Well, thanks for sharing. For a good criticism of the editorial, please read the attached article from Think Progress: https://thinkprogress.org/the-ny-times-promised-to-fact-check-their-new-climate-denier-columnist-they-lied-72ad9bdf6019

I’d be interested in your response if it addresses the points and doesn’t center around an ad hominem attack.

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