10 Reasons Why I Might Vote Gary Johnson

I don’t talk politics all of the time but it’s clearly something that has crossed all of our minds at one point or another in these last few months. Or maybe even, perhaps, years now since these bigwigs are allowed to start filling our heads with major election BS over two years in advance. Maybe you watch your morning local news, a major network, it doesn’t matter. If you have a Facebook or a Twitter — you’ve seen it all. You’ve seen all of the articles shared. You’ve seen HuffPo pushing the day time drama that is the leftist agenda and a bunch of ignorant morons pushing Trump 2016 and spreading a bunch of hate. You got a little bit of third party floating around right now, but it doesn’t really make sense. Well, hasn’t it been fun, hm?

Before I get to the meat and potatoes I think it is really important to note that I’ve gone through many political waves and views in over 10 years of my young adult life. In high school, I aligned Libertarian early because it seemed safe and it intrigued me. I voted in some local elections back in 2008 and also got to shake Barrack and Michelle Obama’s hand that same year at a campaign rally in my hometown. I registered Democrat and gave Senator Obama my vote, proudly.

Four years later, I started to question my leftist mind again. My parents, registered Democrats my entire life, also began heavily questioning our President. It was confusing. Did our government need so much power? Were they making the right decisions for us? Did we need to pay so much away in taxes and not get our money’s worth back? Why were we still bombing and droning the Middle East? Was President Obama really following through with his word about Universal Healthcare? “Did any politician offer to help us?” I thought. I don’t know. I had a seed of doubt planted in my head and it began to grow like a bean stock. However, my leftist heart could not register nor vote Republican. Forget that. I voted now, President Obama, again.

Now, heeeeere we are! Fast forward to present day. In a very strange and confusing time. Why is an orange washed up reality star running for POTUS? There’s a Clinton back in office, but this time it’s evil to vote for her? Sheesh.

And I’d like to say, for the record, I’ve gone through the motions with all of these terrible candidates. I’ve felt the Bern and his, “political revolution” and as I mentioned, I had voted for Barrack Obama twice so I did align with many of Hillary Clinton’s policies. I even tip-toed over to the GOP and checked out Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the spring for a month or so just to see if I could stand behind the Republican Party. But, I really can’t take anyone’s side anymore. What harebrained person does fully endorse one of these folks anyway?

Let me also disclaim: I don’t really like politicians, especially those that have been in the role for 45 years. As cliché as it has become to say, politicians are liars. Seriously.

I don’t love governments, especially those who exceed a Federal debt of 20 trillion. That’s an absurd and unfathomable amount of debt. I’m not really about the manipulative abilities of major corporations…JP Morgan Chase, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson- those evil bastards come to mind. There’s also big pharma and the healthcare systems that play such a dramatic role in our election process. They have the ability to toss so much coin around that they can literally buy your whole country out from under you.

Side note: I don’t like people screwing with our money in either sector. Funny enough…powerful corporations and special interests ACTUALLY BENEFIT from further and controlled government regulation too, which is what is even more disgusting about thinking a political revolution of any kind can combat that.

I don’t like media agendas, giant corporations (I’ll say it again), lobbyists and special interest groups buying out elections or politicians all the while playing on your anger button to get to a seat while passing dollars beneath the table. I don’t like police states. I don’t like cops killing people for no reason. I don’t like ridiculous laws that neither serve nor protect us. I don’t like ideas without moderation when speaking about an economy and a society like ours. I don’t like the idea of vesting early and losing big late in your state economy as they struggle to balance the books and keep schools open.

But, if I have to choose a candidate right now amidst some of this madness — well, I like Gary Johnson.

Early deflection: Now now. I am aware he was not only the governor of New Mexico, a state with a crumbling economy and I am aware that he also may take money from 1% populous campaign donors. But a man with a net worth of less than 10 million dollars isn’t the 1%. He may to be to you, but in the context of real money he’s just simply not the 1%. And by the way, just because New Mexico hasn’t had an upward trajectory forecasted in these last 10 years doesn’t mean it’s a shit state with a lost cause forming around it. It also happens to be of the highest states in the country for government labor, mostly formed around the military, and NM is an excellent domestic manufacturing state as well. So, void your point. Check your state’s facts.

Anyway. Gary Johnson. So what are my ten reasons that stand out? Why do I care about him? Here you go.

1. Blames Fed for devaluing our dollar.

Johnson was heavily against Fannie Mae bailouts and bank loan buyouts from the Fed. He’s against continuing to print more money out of the FRB. He knows we as a nation have gotten to dire straights when balancing state budgets (just look at PA this past summer). And he wants to start working out control for government spending that protects state interests first and helps rebuild the inherent value of American day to day domestic exchange.

2. Separates Church & State

Certainly not a bible-thumper although he does have personal aversions for and against things. But, God and the government have nothing to do with who you love you and whom you wed. Gary Johnson supports Equal rights for all sexes, genders and races. He supports unity for all and has voted and spoken for Gay Unity and rights for the LGBT community in various forms in the last five years. Also, he believes it is a woman’s right to choose whether or not she has an abortion and that she needs to do what is best for her life without government intervention. I’ll stand by that.

3. Energy Crisis

Johnson supports nuclear power and research, and yes also accepts global warming. Admits, however, there have been no long term proven downsides to testing nuclear energy as viable source for future consumption. Also, Johnson stands for collaborative incentivized environmental control — ultimately proposing moderate solutions that don’t impose excessive force on the gov or private corp alike.

4. “The Wall” is Ignorant Rhetoric

Gary Johnson believes that racial laws lead to racial profiling and propagate hatred and a nation full of decay and blatant prejudice. Also, in practicality he believes that “bigger walls lead to bigger ladders.” In fact, he saw it first hand as a border governor in New Mexico. The immigration process cannot be oversimplified for the safety and growth of our nation, nor made into domestic warfare at conventions and rallies that continue to divide our people. There is far too much blind rhetoric that breeds hate and more problems for this country surrounding this issue. Johnson believes there should be a process for controlling illegal immigration but not one that implies immediate and total exile of those immigrants. His plan absolutely isn’t building a wall and creating an enemy out of our neighbor to the south. Nor does he want to create enemies by racially profiling and thereby radicalizing Muslims in this country. There’s no point. He has even said, “we educate the world’s best and brightest, why send them back?” I agree, Gary. Not entirely American of us, is it?

5. Giving the Election Back to the People

Johnson wants to impose stricter term limits on major and minor political chairs so we can offer more choices to the people of this nation. This means you can actually have the chance to pull someone out of office sooner if they aren’t doing what you voted for…take a beat and think about that. Some politicians find their way in and out of chairs in Washington for over three decades. That’s absurd and it needs controlled. We, the people of this nation, deserve a more hands-on structure for voting elected officials into and out of office.

6. The War on Drugs is a Waste , Prisons Are Full

Decriminalizing actions and possessions such as those currently implemented in marijuana laws and thereby narrowing the incarceration rate by controlling laws and penalties based around non violent offenses is the first step to a less crowded prison population and a healthier economy of citizens who can work, rehabilitate and thus contribute. We should have gotten this ball rolling ten years ago. Johnson wants to kick this right now and today. Why is our incarceration rate so absurdly high? Part of it starts with the laws. Then more of it carried about by our current and ridiculous state of policing. And then cemented by the corrupt prison institution itself. But, to start more simply —buy beer on Sundays, do 75 mph down the highway on a sunny day with no traffic, smoke a little weed with your friends on your porch. We are out control with these laws. We are not serving and protecting. Why is everyone going to prison for 15-30 years for junk offenses? That’s not freedom.

7. Healthcare *cough*

Gary Johnson believes that the Affordable Healthcare Act is unconstitutional and a total failure for lowering costs for Americans to receive care. And he might be right, I don’t know. He also felt Bush’s Medicare Rx plan, a 2003 initiation of healthcare reform, was harmful and a headache (no health-related pun intended) for most senior citizens. Fair. Government controlled healthcare is typically a mess and boy have we created one here now. Most Americans who have purchased healthcare through the network probably don’t even comprehend their package. In fact, in some ways, Medicare D and Obamacare actually parallel each other experiencing many of the same rollout problems, offering thousands of options for care — all virtually unclear during the enrollment period. I just want to ask you something concerning the government controlling our healthcare anyway. How can I be fined for not paying the government for care if I don’t even have a primary care physician? If I don’t even go to the doctor? Silly.

8. End Federal Student Aid

Johnson wants to kill the cycle. End the corrupt agreement between universities and fed student loan agencies that continues to sky rocket the prices of tuition for college students term after term in this nation which thereby eliminates the need for ridiculous high-term high interest unsubsidized aid. Banks would likely be more eager to lend less expensive private aid if the government didn’t control 90% of the space within state and private organizations and therefore, as a result, tuition could not be raised to an unapproachable level for every day citizens who qualify with test scores to attend. Also, Johnson nods at giving educators more power in the country and taking the institution out of the picture. If educators and students controlled the education system, possibilities could be endless. I can dig.

9. Nation-Building Conquests Do Not Equal Protection + Freedom

Johnson wants to cut Defense spending to start rebuilding our country with those funds. Defense is meant to protect our liberties, not control the world while we dwindle down to nothing and close schools and bury our internal economy. We are no safer now after trillions of dollars spent in non-threat nations as we were before our nation-building conquests in the Middle East. Tax payers are paying nearly $10 million per hour and for what? Get out of Libya. Afghanistan is no longer a threat. Start phasing out war and refocusing on how we Defend this country from real threat — not obliterate others’ countries for decades more in the name of stopping terrorism and promoting democracy.

10. Free trade…

No tariffs, no restrictions; but no corporatism in free trade. Incentivize business and control trade through NAFTA regulations. Keep things fair and yet partially unbolted. Fine enough for me. While free trade policies can be exceedingly convoluted I took the time to read into Gary Johnson’s policies anyway. Extremely moderate. Not Trump. Not Clinton.

Bonus Reason

He called Donald Trump a, “pussy”…c’mon people.


The list goes on and on. And yeah, it’s totally full of shit that I am not about whatsoever. Trust me, I hate politicians. And sure, Johnson may not be wholly qualified, blah blah, but I don’t think Donald Trump has been too concerned with qualifications thus far. Right?

Nonetheless, Johnson certainly further aligns with my beliefs than any candidate thus far. He is sometimes too far right for me. Sometimes, the media presents him as too far left with the drug law stuff. Who knows? But, we all have a right to vote. And if I can vote based on 10 things that I really admire then so be it. It’s not idiotic Trump evil rhetoric and him hanging your ass out to dry while he gives his rich friends tax cuts behind your racist back AND it’s not the billion dollar DNC Clinton Empire driving their stake into the heart of Washington DC any further and carrying on the process of polluting the system with more and more corruption.

It’s my choice and I like Gary. What about yours?

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