The Joy Is Back! Let’s Book A Movie…

Since posting my previous entry on The Joy, the theatre has re-opened and played host to musical acts and stage productions. It’s great to know that the venue is up and running again, but one thing concerns me; no movie screenings have been scheduled.

With its’ history as one of THE premiere movie palaces on Canal St., it surprises me that a screening hasn’t at least been booked. It can’t be a lack of interest from the local film community, can it? Whatever the reason, I have a few ideas for possible movie events at the revamped Joy:

Movie Pitchers Revival

I never had the opportunity to visit when it was in operation, but from the stories I’ve listened to and read, Movie Pitchers was a house with character. From Mike Miley Online:

“Yes, Movie Pitchers was a complete dump, but it was a film lover’s dump. For $5, you could see all the foreign and arty indie films that didn’t play anywhere else in town other than the overpriced Canal Place in the French Quarter … and you could drink while you were there. Magnolia, The Big Lebowski, Deconstructing Harry,Hands on a Hardbody — I saw them all at least twice at Movie Pitchers. Plus, they showed Disco Dolls in Hot Skin, which, if you don’t know, is a 3-D porno starring John Holmes (remember what I said about the couches?). It was disappointing, but it has one of the most messed-up flashback structures ever put on film. How could a film lover not live at a place like this?”

Unfortunately, the theatre was demolished in the early 00's.

So, what am I proposing? Let Movie Pitchers take over The Joy for a night! Call it a revival of sorts; the original owners/fans, programming a series of films they used to show. Original ticket prices, original drink brands/prices (The Joy has a bar), maybe even decorate the screening room with original furniture (a longshot), all for one night of nostalgia. Currently, there is a Facebook group, set up by dedicated fans, calling for their return — they might have some ideas…

Film Festivals

The New Orleans Film Society presents, every fall, the New Orleans Film Festival, and books screenings at theatres across the city. Maybe this year, The Joy can play host to the opening/closing night events?

Taking place soon after is the NOLA Horror Film Fest. To screen on Canal St. would bring plenty of attention to this young fest.

And, of course, there is this:

Our Worst Film Festival (which also played at Movie Pitchers) was revived a few years ago, and has since existed as gatherings held throughout the year. Why not give it a bigger venue? Maybe it could become a regular thing; showing bad movies once a month. People show up to Prytania’s midnight movies, why not come to The Joy for notoriously bad/incredibly obscure films? And maybe this could merge with B Fest; 24 hours of bad movie programming. Consider that ticket bought.

Hollywood South Premieres

New Orleans has seen many major film productions, but very few film premieres. Let’s fix that. I call on all producers and distributors to world premiere your NOLA shot films IN NOLA. You did a red carpet type event for Sandra Bullock at The Prytania, you can do the same for Sylvester Stallone at The Joy.

However it happens, I’m sure a movie will eventually screen at The Joy. When it does, I’ll be there. Unless it stars Dane Cook.

Originally published at on February 10, 2012.

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