the movie has ‘nothing to say?’ did you really see the movie?
Brian R. Friedman

Yes, I did. I “really” did.

Certainly, with the faithful NOLA imagery, the movie does well by way of showing off setting. There’s no problem in that. My main contention lies in how NOLA — which is itself a character — is expressed and felt. At times obnoxious, at times obvious, and at times overdone. From a visual and editorial point of view, I mean.

By no means is The King of New Orleans bad. By no means do I want to suggest that the crew didn’t try hard. All I’m saying is, where one character was done extremely well (Larry), another (NOLA) wasn’t. Finesse, technical prowess and film language are not strong points; emotive and evocative storytelling through well lead performances is where it hits its stride.

Thanks for reading and responding!