Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Tale of A Progressive Professor Who Forgot To Hide Her…
Kayla Renee Parker

Ms. Parker:

My thanks for your outstanding article. Like all black people, my life has been a constant fight. A fight just to be treated as something approaching a human being.

I’ve just retired from a large multinational corporation and while it permitted a good standard of living so much stress, abuse and damage was incurred.

Of the last 6 managers, all white, 4 were terminated and the other 2 demoted. All for dishonesty, harassment, theft…you name it.

Their targets … POC. The company nor those managers ever accepted responsibility for their actions. We were left the deal with the damage.

And like that professor of yours and like all white people I’ve met they are utterly unable to acknowledge or take responsibility for their racist views and discriminatory actions.

It was and always will be our fault..if you can’t control them, lock them up..they’re crazy, on drugs, on welfare, lazy useless advantage seeking uneducated sherms waiting on a handout. Growing up in the south I got it all.

And I left 6 days after graduating high school. I figured California would be different, it seemed so inviting on TV. But 40 years and a college degree didn’t change anything.

But I’m glad my skin in black. For it’s forced me to deal with so much hate and despair and unfairness. It’s stretched the hell out of my soul.

It’s taught me to remain civil and decent. To be a stand-up person, a man and to not give in to hate.

But it’s been so hard and I’m getting old.

Perhaps God will grant me use of a quite corner in the universe. Somewhere my soul can curl up and rest.

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