The Political Cowardice of the Democratic Party
Daniel Johnson

Anger incapacitates the mind, destroys the spirit, unless born of understanding and compassion. The energy of anger cures despair and moves the uninspired to inspiration. Uncertainty as the father of cowardice responds to adrenaline or leadership. Resistance as strategy will only produce frustration, because here there is no winning by argument or vote, leading eventually to revolt or its equivalent mindset.

The critical element needed and so far absent is leadership. Innovative leadership in the House, the Senate, DNC, and each state and in business and finance. America and the world cannot continue much longer with the same political, economic, and religious world views.

Our situation today could progress to rival in importance those of 1775, 1860, and 1941. We are already beyond the crisis point of 2001, and as in 1865 the volatility arises from within.

If you do not have the heart to welcome all the people regardless of their verbal inclinations (partisan views) then you can never represent them much less understand them. Our country has tens of millions who rightly feel abandoned and struggle to hope. They have no or minimalist jobs, once thriving ways of life are as rusted scraps, their community cultures maligned and marginalized; and no weapons to fight back with except those of their own experiences (injustice, inequality, indifference). The partisans can only blame the others for the ‘mess of America’. When in fact the partisans are stuck in their narrow views, business leaders are stuck in ‘not my problem its just business’, financial leaders are trained to beat the law and know little how morality can work with money, religious leaders blame ‘foreign’ elements and the morally decadent 20th century.

Those in comfort and ease are struck by the fragility of their place and see little else but to hope for a continuance of matters. Most would like to contribute to the ‘betterment’ of things but find not much more than charity and voting their conscience available. A clear opportunity for engagement and fulfillment by those who can lead.

The planets elite are mostly a noisy group that have the power of coin or fame to do as they wish. But even they are in need of a vision. One that enables them to be responsive, caring and using their ‘power’ to enable and facilitate what is not within scope of government, business, religion and yet is vital for development and sustainability of man. They need the chance to show their stuff or lack thereof.

The last and maybe most import group are the ‘immigrants’. Generally hardworking, modestly ambitious of high morals equally dedicated to their ‘adopted’ country and their first culture. They seem to have the lest ‘baggage’ even when struggling to cope with the complexities of our culture and prevalent biases of others. The immigrants have less need for vision revitalization and more need of cultural accommodation skills. Immigrants are the ‘new blood’ of America it is critical that their diversity be respected and they be respectful of America’s unity.

If we wish to do more than fail with resistance, then we must embrace 100% of the people, find our leaders, demand the vision that will support innovation in job sustainability (key issue), innovation in environmental sustainability, innovation in religious institutions tolerance for others, innovation in acceptance and tolerance for our neighbor, families, friends, strangers and enemies, innovation in financial views that integrate values into their views. This is the only way forward. Force, restrictions, violence, oppression, regulations, laws alone will just continue along a path of degeneration. It is only the mind and heart that can innovate and transform us and keep our democracy. Innovation, the crown jewel of technology, must be unleashed to address our needs in leadership, societal development, religious tolerance, economic interactions and other matters of national importance.

We may or may not be up to the challenge but then it was no sure thing for our forefathers and founders ether. What they produced was not perfect but maybe as good as mere humans can do, maybe we will ‘luck-out’ as well.


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