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The first time I learned about hacking search engines was 1996.

I was helping my boss get more traffic to this site. Somewhere I learned about keywords and the simple resubmission tactics that seemed to elevate rankings. That was the embryonic stage of SEO.

A few years later I was being asked to help a music platform called Rhapsody. This viable client wrote me an email asking if I knew S.E.O. (Remember when we used periods? The feels!!!)

I quickly went to whatever search engine I was using at the time (my love for WebCrawler went on longer than it should have), and searched for the acronym. …

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I have an anxiety disorder. My wife shares relevant articles or social media posts from time to time. Sometimes this content has a direct point as if to say, “I have anxiety, please understand that I am suffering and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I don’t know if my wife extracts the same sentiment, but I reject that there’s nothing you can do to improve on an anxiety disorder. …

In this article, I provide some shadow photography tips and show you how I create my low key lighting photographs with very little financial investment.

Even if you are photography beginners, you can create these types of shadowy pictures with only a few common photography techniques. I’ll explain the lighting gear you need. You’ll also want a camera that can shoot in manual mode (which is pretty much every DSLR these days). Frankly, low-key lighting can be done with any camera on the market (including your smartphone) but is easiest to obtain with manual controls. Let’s get to it!

If you want to see all the products I’m recommending here, click Click…

If you’re older, you remember Myspace. An early-web social media network, and arguably the first one to explode (define that as you wish). It was many things — a website for those who couldn’t technically make their own, a canvas to express yourself, a portal to share your artwork, photos or music, and a tool for communicating with others who had a Myspace page. …

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When I hear the phrase Just Do It, I either think of the Shia LaBeouf memes, the Nike motto, or an ex-girlfriend’s Facebook headline, “I get shit done.” (I love that last phrase — simple and proud.)

I’m a Just Do It guy. I have more things started than I’ve finished. I try things that scare me. I think it has given me satisfaction, joy, experience, as well as shaped my personality — for the better.

And why not? I have lots of things I want to do. I certainly don’t have time for a meeting to discuss setting up a meeting, in order to come back in a future meeting scenario. I don’t have time to think, and think, and think, only to get distracted and miss the opportunity to effectively activate anything. I know people who chose that as their modus operandi, and that’s fine. It’s simply not my style, and I prefer not to be a part of it (when I can avoid it —truth is, the necessary requirement of working with other humans sometimes interferes with my M.O.). …

On my flight to State of Search 2016 (great conference I highly recommend), I had a chance to catch up on some articles in my Instapaper. One piece, How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing by Samuel Scott, reminded me of a concept I’ve argued. In his piece as I saw it, he felt “ too many tech marketers now ignore the difference between strategies and channels.”

I think the takeaway was really promoting thinking in strategic terms instead of being channel-centric. …


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I’m a human in progress. I wrote about entrepreneurship, marketing, and the arts. is my mirror.

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