How Does Industry 4.0 Affect Different Industries

Industry 4.0 is effectively changing the way we do business around the world. It is affecting the way we manufacture in that IoT and cloud computing are making it easier to communicate our needs. No matter where in the world a company or corporation is, there are new and inventive ways for them to utilize the new revolutions taking place. Here are a few different industries and the affects this incredible evolution of technology has had on them.

Smart factories are perhaps the biggest winners, thanks to Industry 4.0. Today, advanced technology allows factories to be absolutely precise with their raw material and how it is used. Computer equipment tracks the daily use, average weekly use, and considers the projects that the factory is doing. It will provide a nearly accurate estimate of what is needed for the upcoming week so raw materials are ordered and provide a low stock alert so you can avoid a factory shutdown due to lack of materials.

Industry 4.0 has also improved the digital shopping experience. Places like Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble have created instant gratification systems that allow people to purchase books, movies, and video and enjoy them in a manner of seconds. This allows a person to never leave their home and still explore worlds of entertainment. Companies that produce the content can then review the frequency of use, and the number of streams associated with this content, letting them produce more content that will appeal to a larger audience.

Medical establishments also have discovered the benefit of industry 4.0.Today, your doctor can review your medical information from across the globe in a medical conference if they need to. With the push of a button, the doctor can gain access to vitals, adjust the flow of an IV or order prescriptions. This is a fast and highly effective way to treat patients while avoiding any medical surprises along the way.

Even restaurants can utilize Industry 4.0 and the technology that it offers. A device can be used to help measure out portions, review ingredients in stock and plan orders according to the specials and the ingredients they require. Additionally, the database can be used to determine what dishes are the most popular, the average number of guests per ticket, and the peak times. All this information will ensure that the restaurant can adequately prepare for crowds and specials.

There are countless possibilities in each of the different industries of the world. This is an incredible time to be part of our world where technology is evolving at an incredible speed.

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