What Artificial Intelligence means to the Future Job Market

Same like every coin has two sides; Artificial Intelligence also has two colors. In one shade, it is proving to be a huge help for the future world by limiting human interference and upbringing technology to do multiple task. Here when we try to understand, Artificial Intelligence is definitely limiting human interference and saving good amount of time and making things faster due to up gradation of technology and robot interference. But one needs to understand that when such interference did not exit, the same was performed by humans. These humans who did the job definitely took much extra time and hence to save the time and human error, their jobs will be taken away and replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

But one need to understand that population of every country is on the increasing rate and not on the decreasing rate. So when we say that the jobs will be done faster by machines, what will the increasing population do in future? Here the second color of Artificial Intelligence shows unemployment at an increasing rate. Hence Artificial Intelligence of Automation of many things is destroying jobs faster than it is creating new opportunities.

So what actually does Artificial Intelligence mean to the Future Job Market?

We cannot stop upgrading as it is very much essential. Hence Artificial Intelligence needs to grow for the betterment of future. Here we have many pros and cons as to how Artificial Intelligence shall mean to the Future Job Market. So let’s have a glance on the same:


1) Better Job Opportunities

As the mechanical labor jobs shall have a complete advancement, one will not have to do the same clerical work and shall have an advanced job with better pay. Not only that, because of advancement, many daily chores shall be done via the help of machines so that one can give importance to update oneself and learn better things in life because of the saved time.

2) Access to faster results

All the work performed is mostly completely automated or partially automated. The one which are partially automated needs human intervention to complete the work. Hence because of the touch of the Artificial Intelligence, the job done by machine is very fast comparatively. Hence there is a larger access to faster results.


1) Elimination Of Labor

The biggest setback is going to be on the labor force because of the invention of better machines. A large number of labor forces shall be eliminated and be replaced by automation to avoid human error and save time.

2) Depression

There is a larger possibility for the part of the population of the globe to face depression due to unemployment. This shall be one of the serious problems an economy shall face while half of the globe shall enjoy automation. As it is impossible to avoid this phase, countries shall have to control population. If the same won’t be controlled then there are also chances of increasing terrorism because of poverty.