Luton voted the worst place to live in the world

Luton is awful. You’ve probably never been, but you can be sure it’s a total shithole because that’s what some people on Reddit said.

It’s the worst place in England. That’s proven. But did you know Luton’s shittiness is recognised in all four corners of the globe? That’s right – Luton has recently been deemed the worst place to live in the whole world, and, once again, there’s a legitimate source to prove it.

I’m no expert, but I’m fairly confident that the members of an online community constitute a representative sample of the world’s population. That’s not a contentious opinion in the slightest – I’m merely using common sense. Most news outlets would vouch for me on that one.

There we have it. The vote is unanimous. Luton is the worst place to live in the world – even worse than the slums of São Paulo – and we know that because some people said so. Opinions are true, and things that are true are facts. You can’t argue with facts.

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