Busy Isn’t a Badge of Honor, It’s Bullshit.
Kim Doyal

It’s easy to say “work smart, not hard,” but I think many entrepreneurs fall into the “work smart AND hard” routine. Once you go down that rabbit hole, you may never come back out.

I experienced a-fib a few years ago. What triggered it was massive stress: Whole house was sick, I was sleep-deprived, over-worked, and was taking copious amount of caffeine, just to stay alive.

All the while doing what it took to pay the bills.

It sucked.

Now that I’m past that (for the most part), I try to remember that life is precious and short.

Work is a necessary evil.

But if you can find any passion in it, it becomes less evil.

And you know what? Shit that doesn’t get done will be there tomorrow.

Now, I’m not saying to shirk your duties and deadlines. Not at all. But don’t kill yourself by setting unrealistic expectations.

Like working 50+ hours, driving 10+ hours a week. That’s not only stupid, but ineffective (long-term) and harmful to your health.

We have a short amount of time on this flying rock. Get some joy from life.

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