Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: Why Apple’s New Approach to Diversity and Inclusion is Deeply Problematic
Vivianne Castillo


Read my lips. I. Don’t. Care.

Right. The aging white guy can say that. He’s privileged.

So what? He’s also color blind, and wants the whole world to be that way. No place on any form for race, religion, or gender. Ability should be all that matters when looking for a job. The ability to improve the bottom line for the employer. If it isn’t, tough. Make your own job if you can’t find someone who wants to hire you. It’s their company. They should decide who they hire, using any criteria they like. If they choose criteria that are too bad for their bottom line, they’ll go out of business. If you point government guns at them to force them to choose those criteria, they’ll go out of business.

He’s not gender blind. He’d like to be, but his biology won’t let him. Sucks to be a mammal sometimes. If you know a solution for that, do tell. I’ve been looking for one since my daughter was born. I’d get castrated, but that apparently has bad side effects. Younger guys however, are the way they are because the species is deeply programmed to survive, and fathering children is how that happens. Most of them actually respond pretty well to, “NO!” But you have to say it. And you will always have to say it.


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