Addressing the Crisis of Urban Gun Violence
Mike McLively

I think you’ve solved the drug problem. We just need permits to purchase and junk drug prohibition. Oh. Wait. We already have strict drug prescription laws and intense FDA approval requirements. Yet, surprise, surprise, when people want something, they ignore laws to the contrary.

But drug prohibition has been highly successful at two things. It has made illegal drugs very expensive, causing addicts to steal to pay for them. And it has made a lucrative business for organized crime.

Your proposals could do this for the gun market, too. Can you say “unintended consequences”? Thought you could.

Your GVI programs appear to have provable merit. Keep doing that. But your victim disarmament policies are effective only in your imagination. You have to understand why young inner city black men are hugely more violent than everybody else, and address that cultural problem, not focus on inanimate objects.

Well, I hope it’s a cultural problem, not a genetic one. Jury’s out. But it’s highly politically incorrect to even think that. Now I’m a racist, or a realist. If you can’t ask the questions, you can’t possibly solve them.

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