“Speech is not violence. Ever.”
Patrick Donnelly

I thought I made it clear that speech that implies a credible threat is criminal. But even that speech is not violent. The threat is violent, not the story about it.

And I talked about male sexuality because that’s what is missing in the whole “rape culture” discussion. Male sexual energy needs a strong hand to keep it in check. Men with bad impulse control don’t do well with that, especially in an environment with no negative feedback.

I applaud the negative feedback, speech, but wish I saw a little more compassion. Instead, I see calls for restricting speech, or banning anonymous access to social networks (which would actually threaten the women demanding it more than their harassers).

If you see a credible threat, call the police, and make sure your guns are close at hand and train with them regularly. If you see speech you don’t like, respond with speech saying why.

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