The Faces of Divestment: Ron Conway, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, and Snoop Dogg

Long-term investing seems like a good idea. Too bad most Americans don’t have anything left to invest with after the tax-man takes his protection money.

Divest from gun stocks? Well, I guess it depends on who wins the presidential election. Hillary will likely be as good a gun salesman as Obama has been, which will be very good for gun makers. The Donald could finally make concealed carry licenses sport the same cross-state recognition requirement as driving licenses. That could also be good for gun makers. Hard to tell what’ll happen to guns if Bernie gets the nod, but he’s also been making gun control noises, though nothing like Hillary. Still, no telling where he’ll morph once he doesn’t have to mollify Vermont’s gun owners to stay in office.

If you have money to lose, you can afford to mix your politics with the economic value of your investments. Otherwise, the bottom line remains the bottom line. Those who ignore it fail.

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