If You Make Goatfucking Illegal, Then Only Criminals will Fuck Goats
John C. Welch

Manufacture, sale, purchase, possession, and carry of weapons, by itself harms nobody, hence it is not criminal, and any statute that criminalizes any of it is itself criminal. Any law enforcement officer who arrests anyone for violating such a statute should be tried for kidnapping under color of law. If found guilty by a jury of his peers, he should be hanged by the neck until dead.

Aggressive harm of person or property is already illegal. No further laws are necessary. Prior restraint, attempting do disarm people because they might hurt somebody, should not be imaginable in a free country.

Replace “weapons” by “drugs” in that first sentence, and it remains true.

This is part of the common law, which predates and subsumes all constitutions and all statutes.

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