Do you have your own point to make or were you just quoting things already known in lieu of point…
John C. Welch

Oops. That first paragraph began with a quote character, making it seem as if I copied it from somewhere. Fixed. One problem with writing on a phone, instead of a real keyboard.

I was simply stating fact, as I understand it. I’m sick of prior restraint. I’m sick of the nanny state, that steals my money and uses it to enslave me, pretending that it’s protecting me from myself.

Self defense is a personal responsibility. Nobody can do it for you, unless you somehow manage to find, and pay for, or convince somebody else to pay for, a security team who will take a bullet for you.

America is by and far a very safe place. But life is fragile. And nothing can change that.

I wish Obama would stop the wholesale manufacture of terrorists, by ending forever the murder of their wives and children, with his weekly drone strikes. Did you bother to listen to the words of the Orlando shooter. “End the bombing.” Please.

And… taxation is theft.

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