This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

The problem is that it’s not possible for two parties to represent America. We’re much too diverse for that.

The Republicans have become fascists, supporting highly regulated economic liberty (well, except for taxation), but banning anything a good Puritan would think was licentious.

The Democrats have become communists, nearly eliminating the idea of private property so that they can fund an entitlement for every color of the rainbow, while worshiping every moral sin in the Kama Sutra, and attempting to cover the world with nerf, for the children.

The Libertarian Party can’t keep its membership focused on their raison d’être, the Zero Aggression Principle, and keep getting taken over by Republicans who aren’t mainstream enough for the GOP.

The Constitution Party may be the only real party of principle, but the courts have ripped so many loopholes in that old hemp rag that you can’t even read it any more. Can you say, “General Welfare Clause” or “Commerce Clause”, or “Drug and terrorism exceptions to the Fourth Amendment”? Thought you could.

Greens? What’s Ralph Nader up to these days? Haven’t heard his name in a long time.

America needs at least ten major political parties.

Me? I’m an anarcho-capitalist. I don’t believe in rulers, or elections, or taxation, or regulation, or licenses, or prohibition of anything. I believe in private property and free markets and non-aggression. I want your political parties to leave me the fuck alone, the one thing that they just won’t do.

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