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Why am I seeing this canard all over the place these days? Hollywood has been using it in TV shows for a long time, talking about registered guns, but I’ve only recently begun seeing it in print.

Very few American states require permits for purchase, or provide any kind of registration or licensing for firearm possession. Permits are required in all but nine Constitutional Carry states for legal concealed carry, but not for purchase or possession. There are a few exceptions, in a handful of cities and states that have gone full communist, but they are rare.

In most of America, you can legally walk into a gun store, show your driver’s license, fill out a simple form, wait for National Instant Check System (NICS) approval, lay down cash, check, or credit card, and walk out with a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.

IMHO, that’s a good thing. How it ought to be. Well, except for the NICS check part.

South Carolina is not especially lax in this regard. Pretty much normal. Unless you consider normal to be New York City, or Boston, or Trenton, where it’s harder to get a gun legally, but, just like banned drugs, they can easily be purchased illegally, at an inflated price.

Before the 1968 Gun Control Act, prompted by the assassination of Robert Kennedy, you could buy firearms by mail order. Sears sold rifles through their catalog. And there were a lot fewer shootings. The problem is moral rot, not guns.

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