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William T Sugg

William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems suggests building company culture through employee engagement and retention.

Culture is a crucial factor in determining the success of a workplace. It especially affects nearly every aspect of a healthcare organization. Employees at organizations without a positive corporate culture tend to struggle to find value in their work and often quit for other employment. William T. Sugg of Valley County Health Systems has found that a happier workforce means more productive employees. William T. Sugg provides two key factors that are crucial for building the culture of an organization.

1. Increase Employee…

Bill Sugg of Valley County Health Systems shares key components to creating a high-level strategy for your healthcare organization.

Creating a strategic plan is essential for any healthcare leader or executive. It adds real value to the organization by creating a vision of where the organization should be in 5, 10, or even 20 years. Beyond deciding the direction for a company, the strategic plan lays out how the organization will achieve those goals.

In addition to providing direction, a strategic plan allows all employees to work together towards the same shared goal. It boosts morale, efficiency, and communication. …

Every leader has an approach to management in the healthcare industry. Depending on the organization, different strategies will be more successful in some environments more than others. It takes years of experience and education to know which leadership style to implement. However, knowing which approach works best will help senior executives better manage the organization.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Bill Sugg of Valley County Health Systems, explains three common leadership styles found in the healthcare industry.

1. Transactional

According to Bill Sugg, transactional leadership focuses on group organization and has a clear chain of command. It creates an environment of hard work and stimulation, as good performances are rewarded. This technique works very well with short term tasks and is great for planning, budgeting, and technical competence. …

Bill Sugg

In William T. Sugg’s formative years, William T. Suggexperienced many unique and varied “opportunities of a lifetime” by growing up in many different states and

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