Why do so few people major in computer science?
Quincy Larson

I have done a lot of hiring. In general, whomever was paying the bills did not want a computer program or a computer, they wanted something done. They would spend money on computers and / or software when that seemed to be the most cost-effective way to get something done.

Programming consists of someone who understands the task teaching the computer how to do the task. I would tell aspiring software folk not to MAJOR in computers because it is not possible to teach a computer something you do not yourself understand.

Thus, unless the student was smart enough and driven enough to invent the next Google, I recommended a heavy MINOR in computer science while MAJORING in something useful. So they could tell the interviewer, “I’m a very good accountant, production manager, design engineer, etc., and I also took a very heavy MINOR in computers. My professional skills combined with my knowledge of computers will make me very good and very cost effective at what you want me to do.

Companies like Google and Facebook want comp sci majors, but as the emphasis switches to Big Data and machine learning, knowing a lot about statistics is as important. Again, know the domain, with a heavy dose of computer skills

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