Pencilbox History: The “What if” Scenario?

The “What if” Scenario? After 10 years of working together from our individual studios, Kathleen and I began to “What if”. What if we formed a design studio? What if this studio was a collaboration of great designers and visual storytellers who were not only talented but also people we want to spend time with? What if we focused not just on specific industries or tactics but on specific “types” of clients? Clients who care about their audience and are a pleasure to be around? What if we didn’t have to change the logo color because the client’s spouse hates green. What if we only accepted work that was, let’s say, refrigerator worthy?

Those ”what if” conversations eventually lead to Pencilbox and the Pencilbox ideology.

Pencilbox Ideology. Good Work :: Good Clients :: Good Success. A marker of success for Pencilbox is building partnerships with our clients. Over the past decade Pencilbox has built its reputation on being client-focused. The generous spirit that Pencilbox looks for in a client is always reflected back to our clients. Pencilbox works with clients long-term such as multi-year campaigns and annual pieces. Clients who work with Pencilbox trust that the work delivered will be concept-driven, meet objectives and extend beyond the expected (refrigerator-worthy).