Awesome Mozart, Aggravating Mahler
Patrick Foley

I was sent a link to your review and appreciate/agree with many of your observations. The concert was NOT reviewed in the GR Press and they cannot seem to consistently send anyone to review these important concerts during our search for a new MD. Augustin Hadelich is simply amazing and a true rising star. He has performed with us several times and it’s always magical. The Harbison piece is a bit of nostalgia and a rare appearance for the soprano sax. It was a good appetizer for a meaty program.

Did you know James Feddick was a last minute replacement for Jaja Ling who cancelled less than two weeks before the concert? He was not an original candidate who was then added to the mix. He has never been a music director of anything but a youth orchestra but is a talented assistant. The Mahler on Friday was not good. Several cracked notes can’t be ignored but I also felt the orchestra was not inspired. Why aren’t we inspired? Maybe you could have mentioned we’ve been without a union contract for two months. Our management (I’m on the board as a musician rep) can’t seem to offer us anything but cuts even though the city is thriving and our endowment reaches $40million. How attractive is the Music Director position to a rising star when the orchestra wants to cut weeks and leave key positions open?

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