Trump Proposes Sending A Man “To Infinity And Beyond” In His First Term
Allan Ishac

If Trump is not very intelligent it is not his fault and so it could be a bit unethical to make fun of him for it, if his command of language is not great that is never the less not what we should concentrate on, faulting him for the superficial details of his style actually helps get him off the hook for his real fouls by creating an easy diversion that won’t stand up to scrutiny, its not a crime to have poor word choice, some of the other things he is doing are a real crime.

When we fault Trump for his various mannerisms we act like children faulting a care giver, we inadvertently magnify his position by acting in such a manner, it is Trump that is the child.

If Trump acts like a child we need to start acting as adults and focus on what matters instead of on the superficial mannerisms that don’t mater at all except to keep the fickle mobs eyes off the ball .

If Trump does the right thing, as he is doing here, I don’t care if he does so fumbling like a clown I’m still for it, and when he does the wrong thing, as he usually does, I don’t care if he pulls it off with all the suave of 007 I’m still against it.

Its the content of your character not the color of your hair or the ting of your accent or the poverty of your word choice, lets focus more on the content of his actions rather than the superficiality of his style, we don’t need to resort to superficial Trump accusations, there are plenty of tangible accusations to make.

If he does the right thing publicly praise him for it and if he does the wrong thing publicly condemn him for it on a case by case basis, you know, as you would do even when training a pet.

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