The real reason this elephant chart is terrifying
Kaila Colbin

The concept of ownership is at the root, whom ever owns the technology is among the .001% who benefits from it, they who are replaced by the technology do not benefit.

So what is so essential about ownership, what socially useful work to owners do besides signing documents and receipts, do they provide a valuable function besides being a dumping ground for profits far beyond their ability to work for in 10.000 lifetimes?

Humans decide what the laws will be, humans have decided that .001% of the population will be the designated owners who’s role will be to collect allmost all the profits unopposed and that the other 99.999% of the population shall be the designated workers sharing the tiny remainder.

A law could just as easily decree that if you replace a human with technology that human will automatically become an owner of stock in the technology that replaces them, Then employees would not become displaced workers but instead would become partial investors in the technology

Humans have decided however to cow tow to the .001% because they think groveling in subservience to their masters is the moral way to act, a most unfortunate outcome for the minority that thinks otherwise

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