How I’d Redesign Piano Sheet Music
Alex Couch

You have done a very good job in my opinion, the 90 degree rotation of the keyboards representation in standard notation is notations worst feature, and one that is nearly always emulated by people trying to conceive of alternative notations, so you have seen further than a great many other people. We do not walk sideways and although for writing language this is OK for instructing the body on how to move it is abysmal, the keyboard is aligned left/right, its representation as a top/bottom alignment is a very off putting visual translation.

Standard notations second worst feature is symbols for time, you do not get what you see, actual distance in space on a page does not match distance in time in the rhythm, this abstraction was intended to save space on a page but it makes more sense to save clarity in the players mind.

standards notations third worst feature is the system of naming key signatures which demands that the same key signatures have divergent names depending on complex rules of composition that are almost incomprehensible to a practical person

The keyboard itself is not rationally designed, the pattern of notes forces a player to relearn a phrase or progression 12 times to be able to play it in all key signatures, the same chord type has different configurations depending on its root and octaves are spread out so that not even both hands can reach them all when in orchestrations they are key to developing a full sound. This makes music theory incredibly difficult to comprehend.

Since you have a rational mind and think outside tradition you might find this interesting

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