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Interesting. You are correct — I have been lax in my dedication to removing every error from my writing. Some of my writing can “reek of platitudes”. Falling on the page like a wet turd? Of that I’m not so sure.

I am quite aware of my need for improvement. Even those with years of experience have room for improvement. An eternal master is an eternal student.

I’m not sure I can take all of what you say to heart. I’ve looked over your medium, and your writing seems to reek of the same deformities mine is plagued by. I’ve caught quite a few spelling and grammatical errors, which as you say is unacceptable. I’ve also noticed your articles aren’t written to be easy to read — you use a lot of very large paragraphs that can seem clunky.

I’m not bashing you for your comment, nor am I saying it’s incorrect. I appreciate your thoughts very much. I’m going to take what you say and use it to improve. I hope you take mine in the same way, and we can improve together.

Thank you for making me take a spoonful of my own medicine. :)

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