He’s Back in “Terminator Genesis”


“Terminator Genesis” was a movie that deserved more credit than most people are giving it. In the film Kyle Reese is sent back in time to save Sara Conner. Sara is the mother of the future leader of the resistance against the machines. Situations arise and Sky-net, the leader of the machines, has a new plan. Don’t kill Sara after all, instead find a way for itself to evolve. So that John Conner, leader of the resistance, won’t be able to stop him. Director James Cameron chats about Terminator Genesis.

Compared to Other Movies:

This film starts out the same as the others with Reese being sent back in time to save Sara. That is the only part that’s the same though. This film changes from the first 2 films within the first fifth teen minutes. It’s all about keeping Sara safe in the first 2 films, but in this one it’s all about killing Skynet before it’s even born. By changing this aspect of the film, all future films will be completely different. No more saving the Conner family. It’s time to go to war and actually try and kill Sky-net. About the movie.

People’s Reactions:

All throughout the internet and YouTube people are bashing this movie. They are very disappointed with how this film has turned out. Over all Terminator fans are saying that this movie has spoiled or ruined the franchise. There are some individuals out there who say different though. IMDB Star Review. Rotten Tomato Star Review.

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