Welcome Siri Srinivas to the Draper Associates Investment Team!

We’re thrilled to welcome Siri Srinivas to the Draper Associates team as an Investment Analyst. Siri is a true multi-tool generalist. Her background is a balanced cocktail of engineering (undergraduate major + 3 years of work experience as an operational engineer at JP Morgan), journalism (M.A. from Columbia University + covered Business & Money at The Guardian), and venture capital (most recently a Venture Analyst at FundersClub). Beyond that, Siri is truly delightful to work with.

At Draper Associates, Siri will be working on deal flow (filtering inbound + pursuing outbound), industry research, and various content and operational projects as well. For any entrepreneurs reading this, Siri will likely be your first touch point in entering the DA funnel, so put her on your radar!

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Send pitch decks to siri@draper.vc

Quick story: on her 4th day in the office, we were pitched by a company that allows for at-home health metric testing with a small pricking device. The founders were insistent that the procedure is painless, so without hesitation, Siri picked up one of the prototype devices and stabbed herself with it. “They’re right, it doesn’t hurt”. Later on in the meeting, she revealed she’s terrified of needles. Days later, I’m still not sure what to make of that — but I know it was incredible.