Liberal Women Have More Success in Dating

Articles like this prove that liberals and conservatives are divided by a common language.

Let’s break this down

Equal Rights (as defined purely by same-sex marriage) is a mostly left-right issue, so that’s fair

Caring (as defined by duty to fellow human beings). Most charities I’ve been involved with, the people or motivated by deep religious beliefs, traditionalist & conservative whether Christian or Muslim. Just because I don’t see lefties there doesn’t make me think that liberals don’t feel altruism, I just think they channel it differently. I don’t think it has much to do with either taxes or the military. Do you imagine people who disagree with you as beyond human decency?

Free Press. Hate speech, safe zones and micro-aggressions are censorship terms that liberals agree like and conservatives despise. Many who voted for Trump because he “tells it like it is” would self-identify as pro free press by your metric.

Separation of Church & State. Whatever it is that upsets you about Mike Pence may be a Church & State separation issue. People who don’t think that the Little Sisters of the Poor should be forced to buy abortificients also belief that they are doing on grounds of Church & State separation. Liberals worry about a church running a government, conservatives worry about a government running a church.

Open about sex. I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation wherein someone expressed the idea that masturbation was a form of infidelity. I will say that I’ve met as many anti-sex Feminists as I have anti-sex Christians. Feminist hypocrisy trends toward being pro-sex in generalities and anti-sex in particulars and Christian hypocrisy trends towards being anti-sex in generalities and pro-sex in particulars.

Reading is sexy. Wanting people who are more highly educated or caring about typos are a left/right issue? Seriously? I’ve been to plenty of political rallies and proper spelling and grammar seem to be anathema to interest in politics in general.

Not everything you like is liberal and not every liberal likes the same things as you do. Most of these are apolitical.

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