Take Ground

Each year, I pick a word or phrase to set the tone of where I am going as a leader. This phrase becomes my focus, compass and rallying cry for each decision to be made. I don’t “replace” the old one for the new one each year, they just build on each other. At times, I will recall a former theme that will take precedence while the others sit on the shelf, but the majority of my year is focused on that anthem. If this leader theme resonates with you — email takeground@elevateliveevents.com to receive a 2018 Take Ground Goal Setting resource, follow me on social and let me know how I can help you!

Three years of my leadership themes:

In 2016, I picked the phrase “Creating Separation” that was inspired by the 2015 stat from the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. Julio was second only to Danny Woodhead in the category of Yards after Catch (YAC) with 679 out of 1871 being after the ball was in his hands. Most wide receivers get their yards before the ball arrives, but Jones catches and creates separation. It is said that he has a knack to know where the defense is going and is skilled in being one step ahead with instincts and quick bursts. I heard this explanation and thought about my leadership in 2015 and how I needed to set the tone for being one step ahead in all things in 2016. While learning to be ready to catch the ball, I deemed it more important to get as many yards as I could after the catch.

In 2017, I met with our leadership team at Elevate Experiences (@elevateteam) to talk about scaling our offering and each conversation left us empty. Not empty of opportunity but empty of a solid system. So… I decided that calling 2017 the Year of Systems fit perfectly not only in business, but in every area of life.

What works for me is to evaluate where I am, decide where I want to go and set benchmarks to get there. Sounds simple right? Well…you and I both know it isn’t. I developed the Take Ground Goal Setting Resource initially for me during the goal setting process. As I saw success, it made sense to me to put it out there for others so I hope it adds some value to you. I hope that resource and this message inspires you to set goals, establish your own phrase or if Take Ground resonates with you, join with me!

What is stopping you?
Who told you that you couldn’t do it?
Who’s permission do you need?
Who is holding you back?
What loser friend needs to be filtered out of your life so you can walk into your calling?
What is your intent for 2018?

Speak up. Tell me something. Comment below cause I wanna hear from you…

I’m gonna Take Ground in 2018, how about you?

Your Fan,
Billy B