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You have to be a complete moron to believe humans have caused all Global Warming… 12,000 years ago (a blip in geologic time) the U.S. was under 300 ft. of ice and sea levels were 300 FEET lower. The continent was uninhabitable. Somehow, without ANY (that is zero; Democrats) humans the Earth warmed up significantly and we are still in that warming phase. Eventually, we know another ice age will occur as the Earth orbit of the Sun follows a cycle. The Climate Panic crowd is worried about 4–5 degrees average temperature and 5–10 feet of sea level change… which is really nothing. If humans could actually impact climate significantly, we might want a warmer planet as we enter the next ice age period. Oh and BTW, “warming” has been on hold for the last 18 years… we may actually be entering another “mini” ice age.

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